Places of Interest

Katyayani Asthan

Katyayani place is situated about 12 kilometers from the district headquarters.There is a temple of Mother Katyayani at this place. Along with this,there is a temple of Lord Rama,Lakshman and Maa Janki too. Every Monday and Friday many devotees come to the temple for worship. It is believed that in this area, the worship of Mother Katyayani occurs in two forms.According to legend,sage Katyayan had known the Kaushik River,which is currently known as Koshi,had austerity on the coast. Pleased with the penance, Mother Durga accepted to be born as the daughter of the sage.Since then, he is also known as Katyayani. In addition, it is said that around 300 years ago this place was surrounded by intensive forests.Once Bhakta Sripat Mahārāj saw the mother Kattayani in a dream and constructed a temple at this place from his direction.

Shyamlal National High School

This high school was established in 1910 AD.Shri Shyamlal had donated substantial land for the establishment of the school. Students and teachers of this school have very little in the freedom movement was played an important role. At the time of the independence movement,this place was a prominent place to meet the revolutionaries.

Azgaibinath Mahadev

This place is located in Sultanganj of Bhagalpur district. This place is very close to Khagaria district Aguwanighat. The temple of Lord Shiva situated here is on a high mountain.A large number of devotees come to the temple to look for. The temple is characterized by the fact that this temple is on the banks of river Ganga. Because of which devotees go to the temple after taking a bath in river Ganga, to visit Lord Shiva.